Documentation Assistance

Proper documentation is required for successful immigration. If you submit incorrect or incomplete application then chances of rejection are high. Some countries like- Germany and Australia have strict immigration without proper documents.

We offer First-rate documentation services to our clients after deep analysis.

Following documents that need to be submitted for the successful immigration:

  • Personal Documents
  • Education Qualification Documents
  • Health Documents

Arise Overseas offer individual service to our clients. We check all documents to sure that your application is complete.

Function of Job:

Under general supervision of designated supervisor, to provide support in the production, evaluation, maintenance, review and cataloging of all documentation/publications created by a Computer Services unit or other appropriate campus department

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for preparation of printed materials from draft and raw input.
  2. Using document model (specifications), design and develop similar printed materials after interaction with USNH computer service units.
  3. With responsibility for data integrity, circulate drafted materials for approval.
  4. Coordinate and expedite print production with vendors.
  5. Coordinate and schedule production of printed materials with in-house printing services, involving establishing deadlines for proofing materials, estimating printing lead times, and determining circulation list for approvals.
  6. Act as documentation librarian, requiring updating materials, maintaining inventory levels, coordinating periodic documentation review, and maintaining document models.
  7. Maintain knowledge of current computerized publishing software packages and learn new packages as necessary.
  8. Coordinate preparation/production of printed and on-line monthly training calendar, and assist with individual or group demonstrations/training sessions.
  9. Provide consultation on telephone lifeline for technical support, determining nature of problem, major system involved, and appropriate action person to respond.
  10. Perform other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications:

  1. High school graduation with at least a year of specialized computer-related training, and at least three years of related experience.
  2. Excellent writing, editing and computerized publishing production skills.
  3. Sufficient technical knowledge to evaluate written materials for clarity and accuracy.