Refiling Refusal Cases

Due to limited knowledge and ignorance of the candidates, Visa Applications often get rejected by the concerned Immigration Authorities. In such a scenario, the applicant feels highly disappointed and helpless. The time factor is decisive for a Visa Applicant and such delay or rejection sometimes hurt badly to an Immigration Applicant.

Due to unawareness, incorrect or limited knowledge of candidate. Some applications get rejected by immigration authority. In such case applicant are very disappointed and hurted due to rejection of his application.

Our Immigration Experts at Arise Overseas, carefully analyze study and evaluate such cases first, and find out the problematic areas and solution points regarding the same. The experts here, sit with the applicants discuss the rejection and accordingly help and advice the measures to be taken in order to avoid the rejection after Refilling the Visa Application. We may also advice minor modifications or edits in your Resume or application if required.

Why Did My Canadian Immigration Application Get Refused?

Generally, refusals for Canadian immigration applications do not just happen. When applications for Canadian immigration are submitted, an immigration officer reviews the application and decides on whether it should be approved or denied. The officer uses specific guidelines for making decisions on immigration cases. These guidelines are found in the Immigration Regulations as well as Immigration Manuals. When applications do not meet the various standards and criteria set out in the Immigration Regulations and Manuals, then the likely result is a refusal. However, in many cases, Canadian immigration officers make mistakes in their decisions. They often are too strict in their interpretation of the guidelines or they simply fail to review all the documentation and information in an application. Sometimes applicants are called for a personal interview and the immigration officer does not believe the applicant is credible or trustworthy.

Whatever the reason for the refusal, it is important to act very quickly once you are notified that your case was denied. You should then seek out a qualified and experienced Canadian immigration lawyer who is licensed. If your case has merit, then an Immigration Appeal should be considered.

If I Was Refused, Where Do I Go From Here?

There are many issues involved in properly handling a Canadian immigration refusal. A qualified Canadian immigration lawyer should be able to assess your immigration application refusal and answer the following questions about your case:

  • Are you are eligible to appeal the negative immigration decision?
  • How long do you have to file your appeal? For example, do you have 15, 30 or 60 days after being notified of the refusal?
  • What Canadian immigration court should you file the Appeal? Is it the Federal Court of Canada or the IAD?
  • What procedure is involved in filing and processing the Immigration Appeal? What steps have to be taken?
  • How long is it going to take? When should I expect a result?
  • What are the chances of success of the Immigration Appeal?

Why Hire our Lawyers to Help You With Your Refusals

If your immigration application was refused, then contact us right away. Delaying could mean that you will lose your appeal rights. Our lawyers have helped thousands of people successfully appeal their refused immigration application, and we are certain we can help you too!

Some reasons for rejection of application

  • Incorrect application
  • Incorrect document
  • Inappropriate information
  • Financial reason
  • Improper resume

Experts of Arise Overseas read and evaluate such cases carefully. Our experts check the actual problem in these cases and give a better solution to our clients. And discuss the rejection problem with applicant and assist to Refill the application.